Marc Lumer

Producer and Art Director

GreenGold USA
  • Marc Lumer is an animator, children's book writer-illustrator and a graphic artist. Since 2016 he has headed the US branch of Green Gold Animation, the studio behind the pre-school Netflix Originals smash hit, Mighty Little Bheem. Born in France, Marc spent his early career publishing comics for two of the most popular European kids' magazines, Spirou and Tintin. He also worked as a commercial illustrator for a variety of magazines, advertising agencies and publishing companies in Europe, and was the art director for Tintin Adventures, a high-end apparel line based on the adventures of Tintin. In the US, Marc has worked as a visual development artist for Warner Bros. Television Animation, Dreamworks Feature Animation, Disney Television Animation and Sony Television Animation. He has also collaborated with two-time Oscar winning director, Brad Bird, at Turner Feature Animation. In 1999, he created the branding and advertising company Marc Lumer Design. Marc has written and illustrated 12 children's picture books, and lives with his family in Los Angeles, CA.

  • DovBer Naiditch

    Head Writer

    GreenGold USA
  • DovBer Naiditch is our very own cuddly bear, and with nine kids (plus one more on the way) has a built-in focus group to test his fabulous work right in his living room. He started out with a small boutique production company, writing and producing videos for advertising and other fun projects. He joined Green Gold Animation US in 2018, where he’s developed and written numerous treatments, show bibles and screenplays for the international market, including the Netflix hit, Mighty Little Bheem.

  • Bob Spang

    Storyboard Artist and Director

    GreenGold USA
  • Bob Spang is not a cartoon character, but he has played one on TV. In addition to his talent as a director, writer, and animator, Bob voiced the characters Eli the Elephant, Gracie Gorilla, and several others on the Cartoon Network series-within-a-series Ant and the Aardvark (Pink Panther and Pals). Bob won the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award as director of the Sesame Street PSA, Grover Safari Road Safety. Spang spent many years at Walt Disney Feature Animation where he was senior visual designer working on Tinkerbell, Mushu (Mulan) and Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast). He was also a lead animator and a director on Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show and served as director for the Wayans Brothers’ Thugaboo.

  • Rajiv Chilaka


    GreenGold INDIA
  • Rajiv is Founder & CEO of Green Gold Animation. An alumni of the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA, Rajiv set out in 2005 on an entrepreneurial journey to create an animation studio in India at par with the best in the world. Today he leads a team of over 800 artists who have produced over 10 shows, 700 episodes, 80 TV movies and 6 feature films. The Green Gold Group’s footprint spans across animation, game/app development and L&M, reaching an audience of over 100 million kids globally. It also owns and licenses India’s biggest children’s IP with over 100 brands across multiple categories. Under Rajiv’s leadership, Green Gold Animation has achieved many milestones, including creation of India’s first Netflix original animation series, Mighty Little Bheem.

  • Heather A. Kenny


    Unleashed Innovation
  • Heather A. Kenny, Ph.D., President of Unleashed Innovation, Inc. and co-creator of Sounder & Friends™, has been a literacy educator for more than 25 years. In addition to being an experienced classroom teacher and an Associate Professor in a Graduate Reading Program, she is certified in dyslexia intervention and is a published author of several books and articles. It has long been Heather’s goal to improve literacy outcomes for all learners, and she has worked for decades alongside co-teacher/co-author/co-creator, Laura Robbins, to make this happen in a variety of innovative ways – including the creation of Sounder & Friends™. When she’s not busy discovering information related to the science of reading, you can find Heather enjoying time with her family – including her faithful pup, Zoey – in sunny Florida.

  • Laura Robbins


    Unleashed Innovation
  • Laura Robbins, M.Ed (literacy) began her journey as an educator as a 1st grade teacher. She found from her years in the classroom that 30-35% of her students were struggling with learning to read and has since dedicated herself to digging deeper into the science of reading. Through extensive research, Laura discovered in 1996 the significance of phonemic awareness as a potent predictor of success in learning to read. She and co-creator Heather Kenny have since been on a journey to teach children to access phonics as an effective decoding strategy. In addition to being an educator, author and now show creator, Laura is an avid reader and tennis player. She lives with her family in Ontario, Canada.

  • Producers

    Green Gold Animation is a pioneering company in creating wholesome entertainment for kids of all ages across all nationalities. Our shows run on many major kid's TV channels, including Cartoon Network, Pogo, Discovery Kids & Disney, drawing an active viewership of over 40 million kids globally. Over the years, the popularity of our characters has transcended animated television, and it has helped the company establish itself as a leading player in worldwide Licensing & Merchandising, Movie Production & Distribution, Digital Business, Branded Stores, Events, and more. With our creative team in the U.S. and moving naturally through our animation studios worldwide in India, Singapore, and the Philippines, Green Gold Animation is a global player!Smaller American studios often need to take the extra step of outsourcing to large studios overseas or teaming with production companies, and that means more complications. But at Green Gold, we’re part and parcel with our own globally sourced corporation. Starting with our creative team in the U.S. and moving naturally through our animation studios worldwide in India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

    Unleashed Innovation, Inc. is a woman-owned, small business that specializes in educational curriculum, program development, and training. We offer innovative and dynamic teaching design to make instruction interesting, engaging, and effective for learners. Our literacy-focused, research-based approach provides a powerful and durable method for gaining knowledge and mastering skills that can last a lifetime.

    We believe that everyone has the right to read – so let’s teach reading right.